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The Dentist is Coming!  We partner with schools throughout the country to provide students with easy, affordable dental care. By getting an early start with dental treatment and education, we can help prevent problems from surfacing later on in life. Kids exposed to quality dental care are proud of their teeth and smiles. Higher self-esteem means greater confidence in all aspects of school and life. The habits that children learn through the program are brought home to their families and, over time, to their own children. This helps “break the chain of dental disease.



Our board-certified “kid-friendly” dentists create a welcoming and familiar environment for your children by setting up portable dental centers within your school walls. Not only do children experience less anxiety receiving care in this familiar environment, but they also miss less class time when their dental care is being coordinated through their school.





Services we can provide at your child's school:
•  Cleanings
•  Fluoride Treatments
•  Sealants
•  Fillings
•  Preventive Care
•  Screening for TMJ
•  Pre-Orthodontic Evaluations

If children need services beyond those listed above we will be happy to refer them to a local specialist.

Did you know that EVERY child is eligible for dental coverage regardless of income?
If you do not have insurance, OHIP will help you enroll in programs and will offer a sliding fee scale for services provided.
The health of your children’s teeth and gums can have a direct impact on their overall health.
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